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Su Friedrich | film

Su Friedrich began making films in 1978 and began garnering attention in 1979 with "Cool Hands, Warm Heart." Her 1981 work, "Gently Down The Stream," was a cinematic breakthrough, evoking a lesbian dreamscape drawn from her actual diary via a formal tour de force of structure and technique.

Her 2002 work "The Odds of Recovery," excerpted here, details her long saga through the sacred halls of medicine, and the battle to embrace her own troublesome body.


Paris Gay Pride 2005

Operation Freedom Of Choice

Range of antiwar concerns

Women's Day Antiwar Demo

NYC protest

Dyke March, NYC

The Destruction of the Twin Towers

Gay Pride, Brussels

Uzi Parnes | video

The Gully online magazine is proud to present "Yoorzite Carnaval," a segment of a longer work by the experimental filmmaker and performer, Uzi Parnes.

In this short video, Parnes marks the anniversary of his father's death during pre-Lenten celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, contemplating a father-son relationship, sexual identity, death, life, and the importance of memory.


Paris Gay Pride 2005

Neither Man, Nor Woman — Transgender

Lesbiradas Says, Enough!

NY Queers Say No To War

Hispanic New York For Peace

Taking to the Streets

Al Baltrop | photographs

This selection of work from the 1970's captures gay life on the New York City piers from a rare insider's perspective.

Al Baltrop's photos are remarkable not only for their aesthetic beauty and historical value, but for the affection which suffuses every image.

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