Kelly Sans Culotte

Last Word on The Gully
Democracy in danger. 4.3.06

Minstrel Shows
Shutting down one, applauding another in New York.
NYC's Mugabe Boosters
Zimbabwe Under Mugabe

George W. Pinochet?
Guantánamo — the gulag of our times. (6-1-05)

¡Viva Gonzales!
He's one of us. (2-3-05)

Chambers of Judge Alberto Gonzales
The caballero of torture rides into the Attorney General's office. (2-3-05)

Torture and America
So this is us. (5-13-04)

9/11 and the Danger Within
How Bush's "security" is corrupting America. (9-11-03)

War Crimes
The U.S. gets exemption from international criminal court, and starts new domestic spying program. (7-15-02)

Padilla and the Constitution Busters
Former Chicago gang member José Padilla is the Bush administration's new pawn.


Blair sweeps torture under the rug
Indpendent (UK)

How Pentagon insiders tried to ban torture, and who stopped them
New Yorker (US)

Whither Gitmo? (US)


Amer. Civil Liberties Union

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Intl. Gay Lesbian Human Rights Comm.

Red Cross: International Humanitarian Law

UN: Offc. of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Basic rules of int'l. law
American Red Cross

Bush administration documents on interrogation
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Conditions of atrocity
The Nation (US)

The Geneva Conventions and POWs
United Nations

Regarding the torture of others
New York Times (registr. req'd)

The sexual sadism of our culture
The Guardian (UK)

Sworn statments by Abu Ghraib detainees
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Torture at Abu Ghraib
The New Yorker (US)

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