Kelly Sans Culotte

Interview: Banishing Fear in Iran
Weblogs crack the closet door for lesbians. (1-26-04)

Salaam to All the Women
Excerpts from a weblog by a young Iranian lesbian. (1-26-04)

The Iranian Closet
When your family would rather see you dead than gay. (11-20-03)

The Iraqniad
Iraq, Iran and the axis of Ira. (5-28-03)

At UN, queer human rights genie is out
And no amount of Vatican, Islamic pressure can put it back in. (5-2-03)

Vatican, Muslim states slam queer human rights
Arm-twisting, procedural shenanigans at UN in Geneva. (4-25-03)

Islamics Attack Rights Resolution
It's "a direct insult" to Muslims. (4-25-03)

Queer Muslims Respond
Challenge "ill-informed campaign." (4-25-03)

How they'll vote in Geneva
Will the queer human rights resolution live or die at the UN? (4-25-03)

Secrets in Tehran
Mona, a 21-year old student and lesbian, talks about her decision to stay in Tehran. "I don't know why, but despite all the difficulties in Iran, I love it here, more than anywhere else." (9-22-02)

California Dreams
Chris Lymbertos describes how she left Iran at seventeen to study in Greece, but burned her bridges when she became politically active as an out Iranian lesbian in San Francisco. (9-22-02)

Remembering September 11th as a Queer Muslim
Since 9/11, the world has changed. The "war on terrorism" has turned our communities into a battleground. And the Islamic principles of peace, social justice, and tolerance seem distant. (9-12-02)

Powder Keg in Iran
Upcoming elections along with U.S. threats to invade neighboring Iraq are puting the pressure on reformers. (7-31-02)

Queering Democracy in Iran
Increasingly, Iranians feel that the Islamists have had their chance to run the country and failed. But will the new Iran turn to the East or to the West, or embrace both? (1-23-02)

The Only Lesbian In Iran
Growing up in Iran, Niloufar thought she was the only Iranian lesbian in existence. How the aftermath of 9-ll has affected her as a queer, Middle Eastern immigrant. (1-23-02)

An Open Letter to Khatami
A gay man asks Iran's President, What does your "civilization" have to offer? (1-23-02)

Gay Muslims in the Post-Attack World
The Gully speaks with Pakistani-American, Faisal Alam, who talks about being gay and Muslim as hate crimes surge in the U.S., and queers abroad bear the brunt of Bush's uncritical choice of allies. (10-27-01)

Iran: A Mother Takes On The Ayatollah
While Iran's hardline Muslims shut down reformist newspapers, and parade 'errant' journalists through court, lesbian, gay and transgendered people struggle to survive. Meet an unlikely activist. (11-13-00)

Venezuela and the Oil Crisis: The Colonial Script
Will election year Washington cast Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's independent-minded President, as oil crisis villain? A peek at Iran, Cuba disasters gives us a preview of the consequences. (9-13-00)

Iran: Press, Pop, Big Oil
The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei intervened in Tehran to kill free press legislation, while Googoosh, an Iranian diva sang from the safety of Vancouver, Canada "Why is it these days that singing is a crime?" and Hugo Chavez waits in the wings. (8-13-00)


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