Kelly Sans Culotte

Last Word on The Gully
Democracy in danger. 4.3.06

Minstrel Shows
Shutting down one, applauding another in New York.
NYC's Mugabe Boosters
Zimbabwe Under Mugabe

State of Black Union: Disappointing
Silence on queers, AIDS, and the inordinate power of Black churches. 4.3.06

Warsaw's "Le Madame" Shut Down
Cops storm queer, countercultural club. 4.3.06

New Anti-Gay Regime in Poland
Catholic ultra-conservatives bash their way to victory. (11-10-05)

Act of Atonement
Spain apologizes to queers. (8-2-05)

Seeking Loyalty with Loyalty
Avis and Ford give back to gay consumers. (8-2-05)

Video: Paris Gay Pride 2005
Dyke activists, trans militants and gay unions march through Montparnasse June 25. (7-8-05)
Paris Pride in Photos

Fundamentalists On the Attack
Kraft boycotted for supporting Gay Games. (6-10-05)

Letter From Paris: Jesus Over France
Immigrant evangelicals stake their claim to France. (6-3-05)

God is a GOP, Jesus a 'CRAT
Taking sides in heaven. (6-3-05)

Su Friedrich, In Brief
A filmmaker personalizing the political. (6-3-05)

Friedrich: The Odds of Recovery
Excerpt 1: At Least We Still Had Roses
Excerpt 2: Address to Breast

Gay Media Is Back
Queer press surges past mainstream
in ad growth. (5-24-05)

Asian Dykes Take to Celluloid
An interview with an organizer of the upcoming First Asian Lesbian Film and Video Festival. (3-31-05)

Cosmetic Companies Compete for Gay Shelves
Ad dollars for gay men grow as quickly as a five o'clock shadow. (3-31-05)

Jamaica's Queer Obsession
Is it all that's holding the country together? (3-10-05)

Notes on 'Susan'
Would Susan Sontag have been as famous if she'd come out as a lesbian? Doubtful. (2-19-05)

Diet Pepsi, Subway Go Gay at Super Bowl
After Janet, a kinder, gentler approach. (2-19-05)

Same-Sex Marriage Ads Dominated 2004
Anti-gay ads take the cake. (2-10-05)

Gays Excluded From Auschwitz Commemoration
The only victims not remembered — or invited. (2-3-05)

New Ukraine, Old Homophobia
Will anything change now? (1-28-05)

Ukraine Primer
Geography, history, and politics. (1-28-05)

Ukraine's Ancestral Literary Queers
From lesbian poets to gay Socratic philosophers. (1-28-05)

Inaugural Streets
Who will be in Washington? A brief look includes queer rights focus. (1-19-05)

T-Mobile's Call Includes Gay Couples
Queer consumers are no joke. (12-22-04)

Democrats Target Gay Voters
Follow corporate trend with mixed results. (11-28-04)

Gay in India
Activists brace for a long battle. (10-18-04)

Gay in Ghana
From gay-bashings to AIDS. (6-24-04)

Study: MSM and HIV in Ghana
Researcher concludes you can't fight AIDS while ignoring gay and bisexual men. Complete study. (6-24-04)

Research Booms on Same-Sex Couples
Marriages unleash scramble. (5-28-04)

Death by Bureaucracy in Panama
Treatment bungled for AIDS patients. (5-28-04)

Marriage Equality Begins in Massachusetts
Separate but equal wrong for everyone. (5-19-04)

Torture and America
So this is us. Impact on women and queers. (5-13-04)

Gay Russia Today
Coming out of the woods. (5-13-04)

Russian Lesbians Rising
From the "apartment period" to the fall of the Iron Curtain. (5-13-04)

Photos | Operation Freedom Of Choice
Hundreds of thousands march to support abortion rights and women's health worldwide. (5-4-04)

Poland: The Case of the Stolen Gay Files
Neo-Nazi hacker suspected. (4-19-04)

Cheney For Gay Marriage?
Log Cabin Republicans use VP's statements in an antiamendment ad. (4-2-04)

Marriage Fight Energizes Queers
Republicans and Democrats beware! (3-10-04)

Wyndham and W Hotels Bed Gays
Outreach also includes women, Latinos, seniors and African-Americans. (3-10-04)

"Overt Discrimination and Maudlin Sentimentality"
The press examines Bush's demand for an amendment to ban gay marriage. (2-26-04)

Gay Marriage, The New WMD?
Bush demands Constitution be changed to ban gay marriage. Plus transcript. (2-24-04)

Same-Sex Marriage As Civil Disobedience
Upping the ante. (2-24-04)

A Historic Opinion
The first Spanish language paper in the Americas to support gay marriage. (2-22-04)

Japanese Join Gay Fray
Casio, Panasonic and Mitsubishi shoot for queer market. (2-18-04)

The Legacy of Al Baltrop, 1948 — 2004
Chronicler of New York City gay life since the 1970's. (2-6-04)

Interview: Banishing Fear in Iran
Weblogs crack the closet door for lesbians. (1-26-04)

Salaam to All the Women
Excerpts from a weblog by a young Iranian lesbian.

Hope for Love in Poland?
Gay, lesbian movement grows despite far-right surge.

Poland's Female Trouble
Violence, prostitution and trafficking soar. (1-12-04)

Commercial Closet
IBM: Beyond Gay Vague
Big Blue's first overtly gay ad hits magazines. (1-5-04)

HIV Erupts in Russia
Part 1: An epidemic with a young face
Teenage girls and street children hit hard. (12-15-03)

HIV Erupts in Russia
Part 2: Putin's Silence
Widespread ignorance and stigma, plus lack of resources. (12-15-03)

The Iranian Closet
When your family would rather see you dead than gay. (11-20-03)

Gay Dads Fashionable
From Chereskin to IKEA, where, "my daddies are also a set." (11-13-03)

Jamaica: Queer in a Culture of Violence
Cops are deadly, politicians corrupt, the people poor, but musicians sing, "Kill the fags, burn the sissies." (11-7-03)

Jamaica: Accounts of Anti-gay Violence
Lesbians and gay men describe attacks, murder, and harassment. (11-7-03)

Life and Death in Queer Korea
Part 4: Gender Traitors
Gay men are lower than second-class citizens: women. (10-30-03)

Commercial Closet
A Blackened Eye for Queer Guys
Bravo rejects commercials courting randy gays. (10-1-03)

Commercial Closet
Avis Courts Gay Market
Puts domestic partners in the driver's seat. (9-11-03)

Brazil's AIDS Model: A Global Blueprint?
Not as easy as it looks.

Gay Rights Dawn in Ghana
Faced with prison or blackmail, queers begin to organize. (8-27-03)

Black Gay Leadership Group Vanishes
Americans mark the 1963 March on Washington, as the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum dies. (8-21-03)

Commercial Closet
Del Monte Pounces on Gay Pets
"Gay people have a very emotional connection with their pets." (8-21-03)

Gay Bishop Roils Anglican Unity
Can a schism be avoided? (8-14-03)

Neither Man, Nor Woman: Transgender
In Spanish. Activist Lohana Berkins talks about the desire that goes beyond the physical. (8-8-03)
English transcript with photos

Caribbean AIDS Outreach Hampered by Homophobia
Paradise for gay tourists, for locals, a closet. (7-31-03)

Commercial Closet
EarthLink Ups Its Queer Connection
Gays seen as more high tech. (7-31-03)

Guatemala's Dykes Dig in Their Heels
Violence won't stop lesbian organizing. (7-25-03)

Commercial Closet
Orbitz Travels to Gay Cable TV
A gay twist to reach the gay market. (7-17-03)

U.S. Dominicans and AIDS
On Miss Universe, sycophantic politicians, and the conversation that never happened. (7-10-03)

Gay Rights Supreme in U.S. High Court
Biggest battle now in the church. (7-3-03)

Video: Lesbiradas Says, Enough!
Interview with an activist fighting for lesbian rights in Guatemala.(Spanish) (6-24-03)
English transcript with photos

Skeleton in Newark's Closet
Laquetta Nelson is forcing homophobia out into the open. (6-19-03)

Erasing Sakia
Who's to blame? (6-6-03)

Life and Death in Queer Korea
Part 3: Civil Rights and Wrongs
Taking on Korean law, imagination, and Internet. (6-6-03)

America, My Love
Uncle Sam and a gay immigrant from the land of the Islamic bomb. (5-20-03)

Commercial Closet
Volvo Bids for Gay Families
"Some families are carefully planned. Others, you just meet along the way." (5-15-03)

Last Human Rights Frontier: Sexual Orientation
Why it's a hot topic globally. (5-7-03)

At UN, queer human rights genie is out
And no amount of Vatican, Islamic pressure can put it back in. (5-2-03)

AIDS and Human Rights in Cuba: A Personal Memoir
Attending an AIDS conference in Havana as 70 Cuban dissidents are tried and three men executed. (5-2-03)

Cuba Fights AIDS Its Own Way
Official AIDS policy versus routine practices. (5-1-03)

Vatican, Muslim states slam queer human rights
Arm-twisting, procedural shenanigans at UN in Geneva. (4-25-03)

Islamics Attack Rights Resolution
It's "a direct insult" to Muslims. (4-25-03)

Queer Muslims Respond
Challenge "ill-informed campaign." (4-25-03)

How they'll vote in Geneva
Will the queer human rights resolution live or die at the UN? (4-25-03)

Brazil asks UN to protect queers everywhere
Sexual orientation no excuse to violate human rights.
Action Alert: Through April 25
Text of Brazil's resolution

Iraq War Won't Help the Homos
Western domination with a gun in one hand, a gay rights manual in the other. (4-15-03)

The Other Siberia
Part 1: Gay Russia Under Church and State
Of Priests, Commissars, and Putin. (4-11-03)

Interview: Young [Queer] Russia
Pondering "the gay question." (4-11-03)

HIV Drug Ad Spending
The impact on the gay press. (4-03-03)

Antiwar Austin, Texas
Despite media and cops. (4-03-03)

Video: New York Queers Say No To War
As the US bombed Baghdad on Saturday, March 22, lgbt New Yorkers came out en masse — against the war. (3-22-03)

Life and Death in Queer Korea
Part 2: Homo Koreanus
Under the official microscope. (3-20-03)

Puerto Rico Sodomy Law Just "Tip of the Iceberg"
And Reverend Margarita Sánchez de León vows to smash it. (3-14-03)

Law 103: A Colonial Imposition
A gift in 1902 from California to Puerto Rico, the U.S.'s new Caribbean possession. (3-14-03)

Life and Death in Queer Korea
Intro: Appetite for Conformity
Isolated South Korea fears and rejects difference. (3-7-03)
Part 1: A Queer Exorcism
How religion and violence shadow lgbt Koreans. (3-7-03)

Out For Visibility
Mexico's dyke march first in Latin America. (2-22-03)

Commercial Closet
Gay-themed Ads at Super Bowl
Campaigns refer to sodomy, lesbian catfights, and mistaken homo identity. (2-22-03)

Photos: NYC protest February 15, 2003
From queer unions to former workers at the World Trade Center. (2-22-03)

Record Antiwar Demos Worldwide
This weekend, between 8 and 12 million people worldwide demonstrated against the planned U.S. war in Iraq. LGBT people played a big part. (2-16-03)

Commercial Closet
Gay Ads in 2002 Lack Taste
Michael Wilke reviews the ad world's gay-friendly highlights and homophobic lowlights. (1-23-03)

Gay Liberation Fights AIDS Everywhere
AIDS education and activism lose their power when they ignore homophobia. (1-16-03)

Dirty Laundry in Paris
A grant of $100,000 from the City of Paris to an "Archive of Homosexuality" has triggered protests, not from the right-wing, but from lesbians and transgender activists. (1-2-03)
ARCHILESB! Petition for Lesbian Inclusion
Christopher Miles: Petition is "biased and misinformed"

Commercial Closet
Jaguar Stalks Gay Market
Ford Motor Company is the first American car maker to enter the market with a gay-specific ad. (1-2-03)

Buenos Aires Approves Gay Civil Unions
In the midst of national turmoil, the Buenos Aires city council approves Latin America's first ever gay civil union ordinance. (12-14-02)

Commercial Closet
Yahoo and Virgin Mobile Like Predatory Gays for Ads
Despite social progress in the UK, gay men are still consistently shown as a predatory, buggering lot in new commercials. (12-12-02)

Creating Community in Exile
One Face of Gay Africa: Part 2. Cheikh Traoré talks about his life in London and his struggle to "invent this notion of being gay and African." (12-12-02)

Long Road Home
One Face of Gay Africa: Part 1. Cheikh Traoré is a 35 year-old AIDS educator working with African communities in London. He talks about his work, and what it was like growing up gay in West Africa. (12-4-02)

India: Kiss the Dinosaur Goodbye
One more colonial dinosaur may get the boot from India later this month if the Supreme Court there overturns the anti-gay Section 377 of the penal code. (11-22-02)

The Catholic Church and the Blame Game
U.S. bishops dilute sex abuse policy, while the Vatican targets gay priests. (11-14-02)

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