Kelly Sans Culotte

MSM and HIV in Ghana

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A. Overview
1. Background
2. Literature Review
3. Findings —
3.1 Background of Respondents
3.2 Areas of Operation / Known MSM Sites
3.3 Factors Influencing MSM in Ghana
3.5 Health Problems Associated with MSM
3.6 Bridging from Bisexual Men to Women
4. Conclusions and Recommendations
5. Appendix: Terms, Survey, References
6. Acknowledgements
7. Abbreviations and Acronyms

This work was commissioned by the West Africa Project to Combat AIDS and STI (WAPCAS). It could not have been realised without the personal interest and contributions of the National Director, Dr. Khonde Nzambi, who provided most of the articles and ensured that the study went on even when it looked as if it would never get off the ground.

Special thanks to Mr. Mac-Darling Cobbinah, National Director of CPEHRG, who welcomed the study, invited members to serve as Research Assistants and personally assisted in data gathering. I wish to recognise the contributions of Messrs. Moses Agbeko and Miguel Boakye for their patience in getting respondents to answer the questionnaires.

The input of Mr. Jojo Jackson of YPEP as an additional Research Assistant was very valuable in broadening the base of respondents and introducing other dimensions to the study.

To the many who agreed to be interviewed in spite of the odds and their expressed fear of being given too much exposure, I say a big thank you.

It is my express desire that this study becomes as much an eye opener for others, including decision-makers, as it was for me, bringing about a radical shift in our perceptions and better health status for all Ghanaians. This desire is not restricted to Ghana alone, but to other developing countries with similar social characteristics.

Dr. Dela Attipoe
Greater Accra Regional HIV/AIDS Co-ordinator
National AIDS/HIV/STI Control Programme
PO Box AN7622

Tel: (Office) 021 241452 Ext. 6
(Cellular) 020 813 4317

March 2004

This study, originally entitled, "Revealing the Pandora Box or Playing the Ostrich?: A Situational Appraisal of Men Having Sex With Men in The Accra Metropolitan Area and its Environs - Ghana" received funding from the Canadian International Development Agency.

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