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Lesbian marriage case begins in Ireland (US)

Lesbian sues doctor for pushing reparative therapy (US)

Saying goodbye to Betty Berzon (US)

Portuguese lesbian couple marry, try to change law
Reuters (US)

British Army lesbian couple marry
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Sororities and the "L" word
Big Gay Picture (US)

Lesbian tennis star wins first grand slam (US)

In reversal, dying officer gets partner benefits

Lesbian activist Betty Berzon dies (US)

New musical explores lesbian love of Gertrude Stein
AFP (France)

Lesbian wins top UK poetry prize (UK)

Girl expelled over kiss files suit (US)

Back in the day: lesbian made-for-TV movies (US)

Girl attempts suicide over objections to lesbian marriage
Times of India (India)

Supporters rally to aid of dying lesbian cop (Canada)

Lesbian proud to head New York council
Houston Chronicle (US)

Lesbian to be #2 pol in New York City
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Lesbian writer wins UK's top literary award (UK)

Teens accused of being lesbians sue school

Terminally ill lesbian cop in benefits dispute with NJ county
The Big Gay Picture (US)

A place in history for Belfast's lesbian brides
The Guardian (UK)

Lesbian baiting coach hauled into US federal court (US)

Court favors doctors in lesbian insemination suit
San Diego Union Tribune (US)

LGBT organizations defend lesbian parent's rights in Delaware (US)

Writing lesbian, lesbian writing
Bulatlat (Philippines)

Talking with a lesbian cowgirl
Village Voice (US)

Schwarzenegger appoints lesbian activist top aide (US)

Lesbian couple wins claim against Catholic group
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US)

Aunt held for murder of French lesbians
The Advocate (US)

Lesbian fire chief battles blazes under the radar (US)

Norway grapples with insemination for lesbians
Aftenposten (Norway)

Israeli court OKs lesbian adoption (Israel)

Lesbian judge faces sanctions (US)

Court widens parental status in lesbian case
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US)

Defrocked for her love
Gay City News (US)

Nigeria slammed for lesbian caning (UK)

Methodist church court defrocks lesbian minister
Washington Post (US)

Nigerian teenage lesbians face brutal caning (UK)

Lesbian label doesn't end $$ game
Boston Herald (US)

Womens basketball star opens up about being gay
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Indian lesbian couple rebel to live together
Times of India (India)

Lesbian pastor prepares for trial (US)

Lesbian group to sue Penn State for bias (US)

S. African lesbian judge questioned about her lifestyle
Independent Online (S. Africa)

Melissa Etheridge admits using medical marijuana (US)

War of words over lesbian-baiting coach intensifies

Penn State told to silence lesbian-baiting coach

Court to hear case of lesbian denied fertility treatment
San Diego Union Tribune (US)

Lesbian couple shakes up prime-time TV in Spain (US)

Lesbian fears over banned books

US survey: lesbian sex up in women 18-29 (UK)

Indiana considers ban on lesbian pregnancies (US)

Australian state gets first lesbian lawmaker (US)

Lesbian leads Canadian political party (UK)

School board settles with lesbian student over yearbook photo (US)

School expels girl for having two moms (US)

First lesbian opera premiers in UK (US)

Survey: more US women try bisexuality (US)

What we owe Xena (US)

Lesbian assumes top AFL-CIO role
Gay City News (US)

Virginia appeals court hears lesbian custody case
Boston Globe (US)

Lesbian student files suit after suspension for kiss (US)

Hong Kong lesbian group receives hate mail (Hong Kong)

Child of S. African lesbians denied admission to school
Behind the Mask (S. Africa)

Vermont high court weighs interstate lesbian custody fight (US)

Teen sues NJ school to protect her safety (US)

Pennsylvania court hears landmark lesbian parenting case (US)

Gender gap divides US gays, lesbians

Secret British air force squad rooted out, fired lesbians (UK)

Police look for witnesses in attack on UK lesbians (UK)

Aruba must register lesbians' legal Dutch marriage (UK)

California courts hand far-reaching victory to lesbian moms
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

UK lesbians could win right to infertility treatments
AFP (France)

Japanese politician comes out as lesbian (UK)

Famed swan couple is all-female
Boston Globe (US)

Sapphic soldiers (US)

Lesbian couple head to court for recognition of marriage (UK)

Latina lesbian sues doctor who denied fertility treatment
San Diego Union Tribune (US)

Cherokee court clears way for lesbian couple to marry (US)

Lesbian activist's killer gets 24 years (UK)

Lesbian becomes interim San Diego mayor (US)

Spain sees first lesbian marriage

Violence forces lesbian from home in Northern Ireland (UK)

Lesbians say police ignored hate crime attack (US)

UK lesbian rights activists to be honored by Tony Blair (UK)

African lesbian activist's killer escapes from prison (US)

The lipstick lesbian who dares to confront radical imams
London Times (UK)

Study: UK bisexual women stigmatized (UK)

Lesbian drama coming to NBC soap (US)

Mom ties church to lesbian daughter's suicide
Seattle Times (US)

Dyke Hillary! The gay-baiting of Senator Clinton
Village Voice (US)

Lost lesbian poem published after 2,600 years (US)

Court hears lesbian's gender bias case

Minister suspended over lesbian wedding (US)

After murder of Latina lesbian, Utah community says no to hate (US)

US lesbian wins custody battle (New Zealand)

Sweden abolishes law banning IVF treatment for lesbians (US)

Study: women hurt most by military's gay ban (US)

Aruban lesbian to seek refugee status
Expatica (Netherlands)

Lesbian young adult book up for UK award (UK)

Lesbian couple to be first married queers in UK
AFP (France)

California court to hear lesbian custody case (US)

Methodist bishop appeals lesbian reinstatement (UK)

Cherokee lesbian couple fighting for marriage recognition

S. African lesbian couple: "we just want to to be legal"
IOL (South Africa)

Irish bar owner ordered to pay lesbian refused service (US)

Lesbian foster mother takes on state of Missouri (US)

Even in gay circles, women want the ring
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Murder conviction reinstated in lesbian dog mauling case

Swedish restaurant fined for banning lesbians
Reuters (US)

US ambassador nominee Bolton dyke-baited whistle-blower
Direland (US)

UK lesbian wants to carry partner's baby (UK)

UK lesbians try for new fertility procedure (US)

Lesbian priest speaks out (UK)

Behind the scenes at the Michigan Womyn's Festival (US)

The passion of Andrea Dworkin (US)

Feminist Andrew Dworkin dies (US)

Lesbian awarded access to non-biological children (UK)

Lesbian coach settles Texas bias case (US)

UK TV host ordered to apologize for anti-lesbian jibe (UK)

Comics offer fun, fully developed lesbian, bi characters (US)

Cheney's daughter says she'll write memoir
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Canadian director to launch lesbian arts festival
Ireland On-line (Ireland)

After long battle, lesbian can see her child (US)

Countering lesbian-baiting in human rights
Gay City News (US)

A tribute to a murdered DC lesbian activist
The Advocate (US)

DC man denied bail in lesbian activist's killing (US)

US survey shows costs keeping lesbians from healthcare (US)

Lesbian driver wins claim against UPS (US)

Lesbian activists in Jamaica tell horror stories
Women's eNews (US)

Swedish lesbian gets IVF treatment (UK)

Australia's teacher's union against lesbian speech (UK)

How sexuality is used to attack women's global activism
Village Voice (US)

Report details global lesbian-baiting trend (US)

Taking a look at gay Hispanics
Macon Herald (US)

Sweden to permit in vitro fertilization for lesbians
AFP (France)

Lesbian mums to lead Sydney Mardi Gras (US)

Lesbian's picture in tux cut from school yearbook

Keyes daughter comes out at rally
Washington Blade (US)

Simpsons animates gay nuptials, and a debate
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Lesbian soap expands trans and Latina subplots
Southern Voice (US)

Strong move, Maya
Chicago Tribune (US)

It's February: pucker up TV actresses
New York Times (registr. req'd)

The O.C. stirs latest TV lesbian controversy
USA Today (US)

PBS: paralyzed broadcasting system (US)

The cartoon wars continue
The Nation (US)

The bluster over Buster (US)

Lesbians chide PBS for yanking "Buster"

PBS ripped for lesbian cartoon characters

Two women charged with lesbian rape in Massachusetts
Gay City News (US)

The plight of rural lesbians: living without a community (US)

Buster the bunny visits lesbian family, starts row
The Guardian (UK)

PBS ripped for lesbian cartoon characters

Two women charged with lesbian rape in Massachusetts
Gay City News (US)

The plight of rural lesbians: living without a community (US)

UK lesbian prison officers claim sex discrimination (UK)

Iowa court weighs lesbians' "divorce" (UK)

Lesbian pioneer, Laurie Linton, dies
Gay City News (US)

Iowa court to hear lesbian "divorce" case

Israel gives lesbian couple green light for adoption (US)

Gay Muslim group to send women to lesbian conference
Out in Ocean City (US)

Defocked minister challenenges church
Windy City Times (US)

Gay press questions coverage of Susan Sontag's death (UK)

Killer of Sierra Leone lesbian activist charged
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Children returned to lesbian mom in Georgia
Gay City News (US)

Lesbian housing inspector wins lawsuit (US)

Two lesbian couples sue to marry in Newfoundland (US)

Lesbian named University of California chancellor (US)

Charges dismissed against Indian lesbian couple (US)

Lesbians come out of the reality TV closet (US)

Civil unions in New Zealand by April
Gay City News (US)

The Canadian High Court's gay marriage decision
FindLaw (US)

South African court rules in favor of lesbian couple's marriage
The Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)

Lesbian sues Microsoft over discrimination (UK)

Lesbian minister to face jury of Methodist peers
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Texas court upholds lesbian partner adoption (US)

Lesbian sacked for sexually explicit email (US)

Lesbians take nuclear option when it comes to family
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

US court rules in favor of same-sex partners' parental rights
AFP (France)

Lesbian cop gets $2.8 million for harassment on job

Study: teens with lesbian parents as normal as peers
Reuters (US)

British coach headbutts lesbian soccer player (UK)

Lesbians married in Canada fight for recognition in Ireland
CBC (Canada)

Overcoming the red-state blues (US)

Lesbian "spoiler" candidate in undecided Wash. governor race (US)

LGBT candidates do well in local elections (UK)

Growing up with mom and mom
New York Times (registr. req'd)

The O'Reilly Factor for lesbians
New York times (registr. req'd)

Mary Cheney, Mary Cheney
The Nation (US)

What everybody doesn't know about Mary Cheney
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

The GOP's Mary Cheney hypocrisy
The American Prospect (US)

John Kerry's lesbian moment: the battle over Mary Cheney (US)

What's wrong with saying that Mary Cheney's gay? (US)

Lesbian-themed young adult novels on the rise (US)

Call for investigation into death of Sierra Leone lesbian activist
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Lesbian candidate takes on conservative California rep
The Advocate (US)

Melissa Etheridge has cancer, cancels tour (US)

Anti-gay law allows return of gender bias
Virginian-Pilot (US)

French lesbian couple recognized as joint legal parents (UK)

Lesbian sex in the city: TV star outed (Hong Kong)

Canada's lesbian divorcées speak out
Globe and Mail (Canada)

From Martina to Mauresmo: lesbians in pro sports
Southern Voice (US)

Elect to get involved (US)

Lesbian, Republican and angry
The Advocate (US)

LGBT voters to boycott election in Ghana
Behind the Mask (S. Africa)

Sperm donor sues lesbian couple for visitation rights (UK)

Out lesbian tennis player is now ranked #1 in world (US)

Out lesbian golfer heads to semi-retirement (UK)

Gay group asks "Is Mary Cheney being hidden?" (UK)

California high court takes on three lesbian mom cases (US)

Lesbians, gays forging creative paths to parenthood
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

Australian scientists to study "lesbian" cows (UK)

Court: lesbian can forego child support

Out lesbian wins silver at Olympics (US)

Virginia judge to decide lesbian custody battle

Washington woman thrust into gay marriage fight

Native American lesbian couple hopes court recognizes marriage
The Advocate (US)

Lesbian teen novel coming to UK TV? (UK)

Lesbian foster parents' court case (UK)

German cyclist livid at Olympic team for partner's exclusion
ABC (Australia)

Lesbian mother defends use of sperm donors
NZ City (New Zealand)

Indiana YMCA to lesbian couple: "you're not a family"
Gay Financial Network (US)

Custody case puts civil union on trial
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Court sides with lesbian mother in Missouri (US)

Pennsylvania lesbian minister brought to trial
DataLounge (US)

She Hate Me: Spike Lee's lesbophobic new film (US)

Vatican blames feminists for undermining "traditional" family
Data Lounge (US)

Law leaves same-sex genetic mother in cold after split-up
Chicago Tribune (US)

Candian lesbians first gay couple to seek divorce
Reuters (US)

South African lesbian pastor longs to hear wedding bells
Q (South Africa)

The other mother: lesbian parents and the law
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Minneapolis Lutherans ordain lesbian pastor (UK)

Lesbian activists threatened in Guatemala

Lesbian couple first with both moms' names on birth certificate
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian action dolls debut (UK)

Lesbian partner wins in 9/11 fund suit
Gay City News (US)

Ohio lesbian couple appeals adoption ruling (US)

Chile court: lesbian judge can't be a mom
Pioneer Press (US)

S. Africa's LGBT community files for right to marry
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Kate Clinton: I do weddings
The Progressive (US)

Appeals court scuttles lesbian pair's libel suit
Metropolitan News-Enterprise (US)

Rape new weapon against S. Africa's lesbians
Reuters (US)

India's lesbian flick outrage
The Asian News (UK)

The secret power of lesbian style
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Lesbian community assesses health issues

Lesbian film spurs riots in India (Hong Kong)

UK woman attacked for lesbian slogan on t-shirt (UK)

Tempers flare over lesbian Bollywood film
The Independent (South Africa)

Oklahoma tribal judge freezes action in case of lesbian couple

Defiant Seattle church appoints lesbian pastor (UK)

Court to hear case on lesbian couple denied club membership
Gay Financial News (US)

Australian pol speaks out on TV show's lesbian moms
Townsville Bulletin (Australia)

"Former lesbian" has made a career of anti-gay rants
The Oregonian (US)

Lesbian denied custody by Chile high court (US)

Can Mary Cheney step away from dad's guarded garden?
The Advocate (US)

Gay mums row hits Aussie kids' show

Stand-off between country club and lesbian members
Gay Financial Network (US)

A clean break in a lesbian family
Gay City News (US)

The women's marriage march
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Lesbian moms a growing US phenomenon
Reuters (US)

Ordinary people (US)

Newly married lesbian couple files suit

Ruling frees lesbian from child support (US)

Epidemic of hate crimes against South African lesbians (UK)

Exhibit celebrates lives of lesbian resistance fighters
Gay City News (US)

Pioneering lesbian writer Gloria Anzaldúa dies (UK)

Lesbian marriage throws Indian tribe into turmoil (UK)

S. African women challenge men to take action on sexual violence
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Taiwanese women's radio show fined for airing lesbian sex sounds (Taiwan)

Controversial lesbian Methodist minister on leave from her pastorate
Philadelphia Inquirer (US)

Sakia Gunn memorialized
Gay City News (US)

The not-so-golden years (US)

Lesbian egg donor has no parental rights (UK)

Gays, lesbians in China struggle to come out
Chicago Tribune (registr. req'd)

9/11 fund compensates victim's lesbian partner UK (UK)

Washington court upholds rights of lesbian co-parent
Gay News Now (US)

Lesbian Filipina denied asylum
Gay City News (US)

Singapore lesbians go public (Hong Kong)

Church court nixes lesbian pastor review (UK)

Methodist church to review lesbian pastor's position
Miami Herald (US)

License refused, lesbians marry anyway (US)

LGBT activists lend voices to women's rights march
Gay City News (US)

Finally, a moment of silence for murdered lesbian teen
Gay City News (US)

The cover story on health insurance (US)

Bowing to pressure, Aussie TV channel says "no" to The L Word
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Lesbians join abortion rights march
Washington Blade (US)

What does it mean when a woman calls herself a lesbian?
Windy City Times (US)

UN resolution affirms women's sexual, reproductive rights

Do lesbians need a Queer Eye of their own? (US)

We're here, we're queer, we're married. Yawn. (US)

Lesbians are everywhere in Namibia -- why don't we see them?
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Cheney's wife stops reprint of les-friendly novel (US)

Annual mammograms may not be enough for some women
Gay Financial Network (US)

Not without my children
The Advocate (US)

It's the economy, stupid (US)

Lesbian foster parent accused of rape ignites debate
Gay Financial Network (US)

Maine lesbian awarded parental rights to ex-partner's child
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian teens more likely to smoke (UK)

School district settles in "Lesbian Barbie" case (US)

Deconstructing "The L Word"
Gay City News (US)

Chrissy Gephardt on the front lines
The Advocate (US)

"Barbie is a Lesbian" t-shirt case settled
The Advocate (US)

Keeping an F-B-Eye on dissent (US)

Teen lesbians convicted in murder case (US)

Zanzibar moves to punish gays, lesbians (US)

Indigo Girls on the record about gay marriage
Gay City News (US)

New York court rules that lesbian couple can file adoption petition
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian virgin under investigation in UK (UK)

Spread the word about queer marriage (US)

Methodist jury's acquittal keeps lesbian pastor in ministry
Denver Post (US)

SF Supervisors, journalists at odds over sidelined lesbian reporter
Gay Financial Network (US)

Barbara Hammer: portrait of a pioneering lesbian filmmaker (UK)

A more perfect union: how the founding fathers would have handled gay marriage
The Atlantic (US)

Spain to recognize same-sex couples (US)

Quebec okays gay marriages
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian reporter removed from gay marriage story (US)

Charges filed against clergy who performed gay marriages
Washington Post (US)

To do before you say "I do"
Washington Blade (US)

New breast cancer treatment may prevent recurrence
Gay Financial Network (US)

EU makes it easier for couples to move (US)

Another lesbian TV show? (US)

Kate Clinton watches "The L Word"
The Progressive (US)

"The L Word" isn't just for women
The Advocate (US)

Italy curbs fertility treatment options for lesbians, gays
Christian Science Monitor (US)

Partial win for lesbian golf suit may help marriage fight (US)

Fertility clinic planned for UK lesbian couples
The Guardian (UK)

UK Conservative party selects first open lesbian candidate (UK)

Cheney supports gay marriage ban, despite lesbian daughter
Gay Financial Network (US)

DeGenere's show nominated for 12 Emmys
Washington Post (US)

First lesbian couple wed in New York state
Albany Times-Union (US)

Kerry'd away with marriage (US)

Del and Phyllis get married
The Advocate (US)

Turkish parliament considers penalties for anti-gay discrimination

Cambodian king backs same-sex marriage (US)

Spanish court allows lesbian to co-adopt (US)

Marriage license denied, lesbian couple sues Orange County, CA
Los Angeles Times (registr. req'd)

A wedding, a revolution (US)

Belfast politicians criticize grant to lesbian organization (UK)

Gay marriage debate goes global
Washington Post (US)

Italy enacts anti-gay fertility treatment law (UK)

Land of the lipstick lesbians (US)

Hermetic hotties: what's Anne Carson doing on The L Word (US)

Lesbians have greater heart disease risk (US)

Lesbian guilty of sexual assaults (UK)

Race matters, and not just in February (US)

University of Florida settles with lesbian athlete (US)

The love that dares not squeak its name
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Iowa high court to review lesbian "divorce" case (US)

Navratilova to retire after three more tournaments (Hong Kong)

Why so many straight men fear gay unions
Village Voice (US)

Irish teens force lesbian couple from home (UK)

Global mobilization to help pass UN les/gay rights resolution

Interview with a Ugandan lesbian activist
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Baby-girl drama: remembering Sakia
Pop Matters (US)

Same-sex couples differ on joint finances
Chicago Tribune (US)

Nebraska judge rules lesbian moms will share custody
Gay Financial Network (US)

British lesbians fight for right to fertility treatments (UK)

Visibility is L-ementary (US)

British Colombia orders officials to marry gays or resign (UK)

Lesbian domestic abuse studied
The Liberal (Canada)

Same-sex and the city
Boston Globe (US)

Lesbian pastor to face church trial (US)

Women in love: Showtime's lesbian planet (US)

Where the bois are: young lesbians exploring sex roles
New York Magazine (US)

Not your mother's lesbians
New York Magazine (US)

Lesbians on television: it's not easy being seen
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Lesbian writer's "Who's Who" dilemma (UK)

Bullied les/gay students win $1 million in California suit (UK)

Dean taps lesbian leader as advisor (US)

Solomon Islands woman jailed for being a lesbian (UK)

A tizzy over lezzies
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Legal pioneer Marian Chapman dies (US)

For some teen girls, sexual preference is a shifting concept
Washington Post (US)

Brazil enacts inclusive immigration policy (US)

US girls embrace gay passion fashion
The Guardian (UK)

Convict in lesbian dog mauling murder released (US)

Judge amends lesbian divorce decision (UK)

Tolerance is not enough (US)

Lesbian media maven: 2003 in review (US)

Lesbian hotel accused of discrimination (UK)

Transgender community remembers Brandon Teena murder

Aussie study finds more young women report that they're queer
Reuters (US)

Uganda schoolgirl dies after beating
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Challenge filed against lesbian divorce (US)

Iowa judge grants lesbian divorce

Student sues school district over lesbophobic bullying (UK)

Italy bans insemination for lesbians, single women (UK)

Black and white and pink all over: queer wedding announcements (US)

Women's award for lesbian outreach heroine
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Estranged lesbians battle for custody of twins
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

Straight girls win gay victory (UK)

School punishes boy for talking about gay mom

Brazil mayor charged for ban on gay people
The Guardian (UK)

Christian college rescinds job offer to lesbian teacher
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian named San Diego Deputy Mayor (UK)

Mazda's lesbian kiss ad (UK)

Lesbian couple charge female boss with sexual harassment (UK)

The not-so-civil marriage debate (US)

The history of a love that dares speak its name
Los Angles Times (US)

Sexual harassment from female boss (UK)

High school girls ejected from dance, ACLU protests (US)

Lesbian rape case delayed in South Africa
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Is lesbian identity established in the womb?
The Economist (UK)

Support soars for lesbians, singles to get donor sperm
The Advertiser (Australia)

North Dakota court rules for lesbian moms
The Advocate (US)

High school suspends two girls for kissing (US)

Proud to be a lesbian roll model (UK)

British government to propose civil partnerships
The Data Lounge (US)

Court says lesbian sex is not adultery (UK)

The dilemma of Cameroon's women soccer players
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

UK Air Force denies lesbian couple married quarters (UK)

"Queer" definition changes with the times

Making it official: same-sex couples win registry rights in Chicago
In These Times (US)

Demand investigation of lesbian murders in Brazil

Who owns God?
Planet Out (US)

A sapphic sculpture in a Bronx cemetary
The Village Voice (US)

Spelling lessons
The Advocate (US)

Queer sex survey causes uproar in Aussie high school (Hong Kong)

Homophobic attacks to be classed as hate crimes in UK (UK)

Lesbian Methodist minister faces church trial
The Data Lounge (US)

Rosie lawsuit goes to court
Gay Financial News (US)

Taiwan moves to recognize same-sex marriages (Hong Kong)

Lily Tomlin wins coveted comedy honor (UK)

Showtime unveils lesbian saga
Reuters (US)

Swedish church embracing les/gay unions
The Data Lounge (US)

Evangelicals sway the White House on human rights
New York Times (registr. req'd)

DNA delays lesbian hiker case
Washington Blade (US)

Queer seniors to get subsidized housing in Hollywood
Gay Financial Network (US)

Pass protection: Rick Santorum and marriage protection
The American Prospect (US)

Lesbian may sue largest US rail system
Gay Financial News (US)

Natural bias: Bill Bennett on gay marriage
The New Republic (US)

Same-sex family values (US)

Lesbian groups meet at Indian film festival (Hong Kong)

Lesbian divorce settlement challenged in Washington state
The Data Lounge (US)

Lesbian couple's son denied Social Security benefits
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian Avengers protest police inaction in DC rape case
Washington Blade (US)

No dyke kisses for Beyonce (UK)

Defender of the faith: why Anglican eyes are fixed on an African bishop
The Atlantic (US)

Lesbian loving and living in Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

U.S. hospital settles with lesbian over illegal firing
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbians turned away at Sandals couples resort
Washington Blade (US)

Lesbian reports gang rape in DC
Washington Blade (US)

Long-time lesbian activist to head U.S. human rights group
Washington Blade (US)

Marriage equality affirmed in Canada
The Data Lounge (US)

The GOP and marriage: Shut up and say "I Do" (US)

Privacy without the closet: Lawrence v. Texas
Dissent (US)

New drug regimen reduces breast cancer relapse
Gay Financial Network (US)

South African lesbians gather in Johannesburg
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Lesbian singer wins BBC talent contest (UK)

Lesbians, gays could face stoning in Malaysian state (Hong Kong)

Row over women-only lesbian party
Herald Sun (Australia)

Miss India contestant takes pride in lesbian identity
Washington Blade (US)

South Africa's Miss Lesbian 2003
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

How the GOP uses gay marriage to court minority voters
The Village Voice (US)

Serious as a heart attack
Washington Blade (US)

Etheridge and Michaels wed
Rainbow Network (UK)

Paraguay's Minister for Women's Affairs promotes gay unions

European union embraces pro-gay reforms (US)

NY state Dems support gay marriage
New York Post (US)

US: Comic strip with lesbian star gains ground
Planet Out (US)

Lesbians have higher risk of heart disease (Hong Kong)

US: Diversity flourishes in gay, lesbian couples
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

Convict in San Francisco dog-mauling case released
Gay Financial Network (US)

Catholic school rejects lesbian couple's daughter
Gay Financial Network (US)

Canadian trial to decide on les/gay survivor benefits
CBC (Canada)

Thanks but no thanks, Madonna
Washington Blade (US)

Marriage not gay in France
Globe and Mail (Canada)

Egypt: A few good women
Huriyah Magazine

Lesbians organizing in Uganda
Behind the Mask (S. Africa)

Madonna's lesbian kiss too hot for Atlanta (UK)

ROTC Lesbian Is Discharged
Daily Camera (US)

Lesbian Health: Pap Test Warning
Sydney Star Observer (Australia)

Black Lesbian's Killing Ignored
The Guardian (UK)

Lesbian couple attacked before British pride celebration (UK)

S. Africa: Constitutional Court Dismisses Lesbian Couple's Application (S. Africa)

Lipstick and lament: The lot of a television lesbian (UK)

Lance Armstrong Foundation Funds Lesbian Health
Gay Wired (US)

US: Lesbian Radio Show Endangered
Gay City News (US)

Savage Attack On Lesbian Mom

No new trial for Brandon Teena's killer

The new queer family
Village Voice (US)

Girls together in Kenya
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

The Supremes and gay rights
In These Times (US)

A different kind of education for a trans teen
The Independent Weekly (US)

Lesbian sues university in discrimination claim
Gay Financial Network (US)

Thug dyke: a young dom's life in DC
Village Voice (US)

Backlash against young lesbian suing schools
New York Blade

Gay marriage sign of sweeping change in Canada
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Lesbian pupil's mom sues NYC over school suspension
Newsday (US)

Thousands throng Israeli Pride parades
Ha'aretz (Israel)

Lesbian couple celebrates first gay marriage in Belgium
Washington Blade (US)

US not leading the world on queer marriage
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Canadian couples rejoice
Globe and Mail (Canada)

Mother of her nation: Chilean lesbian poet unmasked
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Here come the brides: the same-sex marriage revolution
Boston Globe (US)

Toronto starts issuing gay marriage licenses
Gay Financial News (US)

Alleged bomber of Olympics, lesbian bar in court
Gay Financial Network (US)

Not choosing children
PlanetOut (US)

Lesbian cop's bias, privacy claims nixed
Gay City News (US)

UK lesbian beaten in hate attack (UK)

Suspect identified in murder of New Jersey lesbian teen (US)

Poll: 6 in 10 Americans support gay unions (US)

Lesbian teen dies in hate stabbing
Gay City News (US)

Gay marriage bill splits Scottish parliament (US)

Southern African leaders condemned for intolerance

Gender and hate crimes in South Africa
Behind the Mask (S. Africa)

California court poised to uphold gay adoption
Gay Financial Network (US)

Scottish lawmaker proposes partnership protection
Gay Financial News (US)

Lesbian couple file suit over adoption
San Diego Union-Tribune (US)

Australian state lowers age of consent for queers (Hong Kong)

Gay tolerant societies prosper economically
USA Today (US)

Still no gay linguists
Washington Post (US)

Lesbians protest hate in Johannesburg
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Sodomy for some
The Nation (US)

UK researchers release lesbian sex survey results (Hong Kong)

South Africa rules child of lesbian pair "legitimate"
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Gay rights bring Puerto Ricans to the streets
Orlando Sentinal (US)

New Zealand women more attracted to same sex (New Zealand)

Putting lesbians on the agenda in South Africa
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

t.A.T.u. uproar: kiss the girls, and make them cry
In These Times (US)

How to be queer and Mexican American
Daily Pennsylvanian (US)

Lesbian teacher wins Utah court ruling
Associated Press (US)

Support for gay marriage in Massachusetts
Gay Financial Network (US)

South African lesbians targets of bashing, rape
Behind the Mask (South Africa)

Singapore censors The Hours' lesbian kiss scenes (Hong Kong)

US military kicks out fewer gays
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Without reservations: Native American Lesbians
Curve (US)

Why won't America protect sexual privacy?
Boston Globe (US)

Gay activists hopeful in Texas, Minnesota
Mother Jones (US)

Equal benefits for South Arican gays

Is female sexuality more fluid? (US)

All My (Lesbian) Children: lesbian kiss planned for May sweeps
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian couple can both be listed on birth certificate
Gay Financial Network (US)

Lesbian monkeys challenge Darwin's assumptions
The Daily Telegraph (UK)

US census reports on gay families
Washington Post (US)

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