Kelly Sans Culotte

Su Friedrich, In Brief
A filmmaker personalizing the political. (6-3-05)

Friedrich: The Odds of Recovery
Excerpt 1: At Least We Still Had Roses
Excerpt 2: Address to Breast

Asian Dykes Take to Celluloid
An interview with an organizer of the upcoming First Asian Lesbian Film and Video Festival. (3-31-05)

Notes on 'Susan'
Would Susan Sontag have been as famous if she'd come out as a lesbian? Doubtful. (2-19-05)

New Ukraine, Old Homophobia
Will anything change now? (1-28-05)

Ukraine's Ancestral Literary Queers
From lesbian poets to gay Socratic philosophers. (1-28-05)

Gay in India
Activists brace for a long battle. (10-18-04)

Torture and America
So this is us. Impact on women and queers. (5-13-04)

Russian Lesbians Rising
From the "apartment period" to the fall of the Iron Curtain. (5-13-04)

Photos | Operation Freedom Of Choice
Hundreds of thousands march to support abortion rights and women's health worldwide. (5-4-04)

Interview: Banishing Fear in Iran
Weblogs crack the closet door for lesbians. (1-26-04)

Salaam to All the Women
Excerpts from a weblog by a young Iranian lesbian.

Afghan Women Face Taliban, Again
U.S. considers old ally as security disintegrates. (10-16-03)

Guatemala's Dykes Dig in Their Heels
Violence won't stop lesbian organizing. (7-25-03)

Video: Lesbiradas Says, Enough!
Interview with an activist fighting for lesbian rights in Guatemala.(Spanish) (6-24-03)
English transcript with photos

Skeleton in Newark's Closet
Laquetta Nelson is forcing homophobia out into the open. (6-19-03)

Erasing Sakia
Who's to blame? (6-6-03)

Last Human Rights Frontier: Sexual Orientation
Why it's a hot topic globally. (5-7-03)

At UN, queer human rights genie is out
And no amount of Vatican, Islamic pressure can put it back in. (5-2-03)

Out For Visibility
Mexico's dyke march first in Latin America. (2-22-03)

Dirty Laundry in Paris
A grant of $100,000 from the City of Paris to an "Archive of Homosexuality" has triggered protests, not from the right-wing, but from lesbians and transgender activists.
ARCHILESB! Petition for Lesbian Inclusion
Christopher Miles: Petition is "biased and misinformed"

Buenos Aires Approves Gay Civil Unions
In the midst of national turmoil, the Buenos Aires city council approves Latin America's first ever gay civil union ordinance. (12-14-02)

India: Kiss the Dinosaur Goodbye
One more colonial dinosaur may get the boot from India later this month if the Supreme Court there overturns the anti-gay Section 377 of the penal code. Includes affect on lesbians. (11-22-02)

The Father Of Us All
Remembering Harry Hay, who was the first to believe that homosexuals were a cultural minority, not a bunch of degenerate or misguided individuals. (10-26-02)

Secrets in Tehran
Mona, a 21-year old student and lesbian, talks about her decision to stay in Tehran. "I don't know why, but despite all the difficulties in Iran, I love it here, more than anywhere else." (9-22-02)

California Dreams
Chris Lymbertos describes how she left Iran at seventeen to study in Greece, but burned her bridges when she became politically active as an out Iranian lesbian in San Francisco. (9-22-02)

Coming Out Against the Israeli Occupation: Part 2
The Gully interview with U.S. queer activist Emmaia Gelman continues with a look at suicide bombings and non-violent resistance, Palestinian leadership, the "coming out" quandary, and Palestinian queers. (9-12-02)

Coming Out Against the Israeli Occupation: Part 1
U.S. queer activist Emmaia Gelman talks about her visit to Israel and the West Bank, including the state of Palestinian refugee camps, and the importance of Jewish anti-occupation activism. (9-5-02)

Gay Labor Goes Global in Australia
The Gully talks with Ken Davis, Australian gay labor activist and organizer of the upcoming Workers Out! World Conference of LGBT Trade Unionists in Sydney. (8-13-02)

Dyke March: The Next Wave
Nadine Gartner was a 14-year-old when, in April 1993, some 20,000 raucous dykes took to the streets in Washington, D.C. for the first Dyke March in history. Now look where she is. (7-19-02)

Photos: Dyke March 2002, NYC
Diana De La Pava captured the diverse spectrum of dykes celebrating the 10th annual Dyke March in New York City on June 21. (7-19-02)

Gay Marriage: 'I didn't know girls fought'
An interview with two lesbians fighting the state of New Jersey for the right to marry. (7-19-02)

Boisterous Taiwan
Just ten years after their first democratic elections, Taiwanese women, indigenous peoples, and lesbians and gay men mix it up with opponents, keeping democracy alive. (6-25-02)

Florida Creeps Back
The state that took center stage with the dramas of the Child (Elian) and the Chad (Election 2000), may soon divert us with the gubernatorial duel between Janet Reno and Jeb Bush, and Rosie O'Donnell's gay adoption crusade. (4-5-02)

Chrystos on Queer Native America
An interview with Chrystos, Native American poet, artist, and activist, about the current state of queer Native America and the de-queerifying of mainstream queers. (3-13-02)

Remembering Barbara Cameron
Mourning the loss of Barbara May Cameron, Native American activist, writer and 1975 co-founder of Gay American Indians who radically refused to be queer in one corner of her life, and native in another. (3-13-02)

The Only Lesbian In Iran
Growing up in Iran, Niloufar thought she was the only Iranian lesbian in existence. How the aftermath of 9-ll has affected her as a queer, Middle Eastern immigrant. (1-23-02)

A Happy Two Mothers Day
One family's intercultural, multi-generational, multi-racial melting pot, and the benefits of having lesbian parents. (5-15-01)

Gay Bombshells in Brazil's Soaps
The queer strain running through Brazil's national addiction, and the untimely demise of decades of lesbian characters. (4-10-01)

A Very Out Lesbian
Diana Mines, one of the pioneers of lesbian and gay activism in Uruguay, talks about herself, and the state of her community and her country. (3-5-01)

Eileen Myles: Cool For You
The unvarnished truth about growing up female, queer, and literary in white, working class Boston. A book review. (1-29-01)

Oklahoma Kills Black Lesbian
Why a black lesbian, Wanda Jean Allen, was put to death by Oklahoma state employees last Thursday night. (1-13-01)

Chavela Junks the Closet
At age 81, the legendary Mexican singer Chavela Vargas finally announced what we knew all along, that she is a dyke. (12-11-00)

How To Be A Lesbian In Guatemala
An interview with Claudia Acevedo. This lesbian activist, feminist, and mom, gives us the Guatemalan lowdown on homophobia, lesbian invisibility, class, and organizing. (10-16-00)

An Elephant in Their Midst
A pachyderm no one wants to see lumbers through the Cheney-Lieberman debate—it's the specter of lesbian daughter extraordinaire, Mary Cheney. (10-9-00)

Darwinian Gender
Of cockatoo-crested girls, and grunting, chain-laden boys. Why it's so hard to be a woman, or a man, on the wrong side of America's tracks. (10-9-00)

Ralph Nader's Vanishing Act
Race, women's rights, and queer civil rights have been rendered invisible by Nader's campaign. Is this the third party we need? (10-2-00)

St. Paddy's Day Gone to the Snakes
An interview with Anne Maguire, one of the founding members of the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization. (3-14-00)


Lesbian cop who won pension rights for her partner dies
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Six charged in murder of S. African lesbian teen (US)

Aussie school orders lesbian to remove pro-gay t-shirt (US)



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