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Bertrand Soars

by Juan Pérez Cabral

OCTOBER 17, 2002. Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, left the hospital today as the most popular politician in France.

A new poll published in the weekly Le Point shows that national approval ratings for the openly gay Delanoë soared 12 percent after a homophobe knifed him in the abdomen at City Hall two weeks ago.

The attack gave Delanoë national exposure, pollsters say, and explains in part the sharp jump.

It was not just a sympathy vote, though. The French outside Paris obviously liked what they saw and heard about Delanoë.

The mayor was already hugely popular in Paris before his near-fatal encounter with Azzedine Berkane, 39, who told the cops he hated politicians and homosexuals.

Berkane credits Islam for his anti-gay leanings.

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