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Last Word on The Gully
Democracy in danger. 4.3.06

Cuba 2005: End Game
Aiming Cuba towards the future. (11-10-05)

Act of Atonement
Spain apologizes to queers. What about Latin America? (8-2-05)

AIDS and Human Rights in Cuba: A Personal Memoir
Attending an AIDS conference in Havana as 70 Cuban dissidents are tried and three men executed. (5-2-03)

Cuba Fights AIDS Its Own Way
Official AIDS policy versus routine practices. (5-1-03)

Cuba: Last Gasp?
Or same old song and dance? (4-18-03)

Black Farmers, Cuba Food Deal
The NAACP reached an agreement with Cuba to give preference to African-American farmers in future food purchases. (11-23-02)

Settling Old Scores With Cuba
A few days before Jimmy Carter is due in Cuba, the U.S. accuses Cuba of developing biological weapons. Why now? (5-9-02)

Bush's Latin America Czar Rides High
Otto Reich's appointment has been warily received in Latin America, where the Cuban-American's advocacy of a "hemispheric security mechanism" stirs unpleasant interventionist memories. (1-24-02)

Castro Sees Red (White and Blue)
A usually vociferous critic of U.S. international policy, Fidel Castro has met the housing of Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners at the U.S. naval station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with thundering silence. (1-15-02)

Havana is Waiting
A review of the autobiographical play by Eduardo Machado, a gay Cuban-American writer and Pedro Pan emigrant. (11-9-01)

Gays Wed in Cuba: The Second Revolution
The first gay wedding in Cuba may be a sign that the cat and mouse game between queers and Cuban authorities for control of public space is entering a new phase. (6-21-01)

The Transportable Cuban City
Joining in the cultural reconquista of America with the Buena Vista Social Club, and the ubiquitous rum and mint mojito, is the up-and-coming collaborative Cuban art group Los Carpinteros. A review. (5-30-01)

Venezuela and the Oil Crisis: The Colonial Script
Will election year Washington cast Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's independent-minded President, as oil crisis villain? A peek at Iran, Cuba disasters gives us a preview of the consequences. (9-13-00)

Life After Elian
After seven months of twilight-zone captivity in the United States, Elian Gonzalez has finally returned to his homeland. Cuba-U.S. relations will never be the same again. (6-29-00)

Keeping Company with the Devils
Gay Dogs, Cuban Vice, Sharks, and Lawyers for Elian's Miami relatives. Chuck 45 considers their headlining convergence. (6-23-00)

The Cuba Gospel According to Chuck
Whose responsibility is U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba? Chuck 45 tells you why it's his. (5-1-00)

Five months of agony end in three minutes
It speaks volumes about Cuban-Americans, and the U.S., that federal agents finally had to step in early Saturday morning, April 22, to remove Elian Gonzalez from the house of the Miami relatives who had refused to return the boy to his father. (4-22-00)

One Hundred Years of Failure:
U.S.-Cuba Policy Back at Square One

The case of Elian Gonzalez is the crowning jewel of one hundred years of U.S. failure. From the moment we "liberated" the island from Spain in 1898, our policies towards Cuba have been idiotically jingoistic at best, and brutally vindictive at worst. (4-18-00)

What Castro Found: The Cuba of 1959
There was not just one Cuba, but two, perhaps even three Cubas, as far apart one from the other as the Havana of all-white country clubs and glittering casinos was from the city's slums, and these, in turn, from the often desperate countryside. (3-5-00)

The Sugar Roulette
Cuba's economy before Castro was like a roulette game in Mob boss Meyer Lansky's Havana casino, with the U.S. as wily croupier. (3-5-00)

Cuba Now: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Castro's Cuba is a maddeningly complex knot. The opposition is oppressed but not shot, the citizens live long healthy lives, the queens have returned, and the bumbling economy is getting a boost from Europe. (3-5-00)

Al Gore Eats Elian Gonzalez
The delicious taste of U.S. policy when the Cuban-American vote is at stake in Florida. (2-29-00)

The Political Closet: What Cubans Really Think About Elian
The best kept secret in America is that hardline anti-Castro Cuban-Americans don't speak for anyone but themselves, not for those still in Cuba, nor for most Cuban-Americans, or even for most Cuban dissidents. Who's saying what? (2-6-00)

The Complete Elian
After the 6-year old boy, Elian Gonzalez, was found floating on an inner tube off the Florida coast, he was placed with his Miami relatives who have refused to return him to his father, and primary caretaker in Cuba. Since then, the story has ballooned into the usual soap opera of U.S. Cuba relations.


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