Kelly Sans Culotte

Last Word on The Gully
Democracy in danger. 4.3.06

Cuba 2005: End Game
Aiming Cuba towards the future. (11-10-05)

Act of Atonement
Spain apologizes to queers. What about Latin America? (8-2-05)

George W. Pinochet?
Guantánamo — the gulag of our times. (6-1-05)

Jamaica's Queer Obsession
Is it all that's holding the country together? (3-10-05)

¡Viva Gonzales!
He's one of us. (2-3-05)

Death by Bureaucracy in Panama
Treatment bungled for AIDS patients. (5-28-04)

After Haiti, Venezuela?
Setting the stage for another coup. (2-26-04)

A Historic Opinion
The first Spanish language paper in the Americas to support gay marriage. (2-22-04)

Jamaica: Queer in a Culture of Violence
Cops are deadly, politicians corrupt, the people poor, but musicians sing, "Kill the fags, burn the sissies." (11-7-03)

Jamaica: Accounts of Anti-gay Violence
Lesbians and gay men describe attacks, murder, and harassment. (11-7-03)

UN: Latin America in Unison
They're critical of the United States... without naming it. (9-25-03)

Brazil's AIDS Model: A Global Blueprint?
Not as easy as it looks. (9-4-03)

Neither Man, Nor Woman: Transgender
In Spanish. Activist Lohana Berkins talks about the desire that goes beyond the physical. (8-8-03)
English transcript with photos

Caribbean AIDS Outreach Hampered by Homophobia
Paradise for gay tourists, for locals, a closet. (7-31-03)

Commercial Closet
EarthLink Ups Its Queer Connection
Gays seen as more high tech. (7-31-03)

Guatemala's Dykes Dig in Their Heels
Violence won't stop lesbian organizing. (7-25-03)

U.S. Dominicans and AIDS
On Miss Universe, sycophantic politicians, and the conversation that never happened. (7-10-03)

Video: Lesbiradas Says, Enough!
Interview with an activist fighting for lesbian rights in Guatemala.(Spanish) (6-24-03)
English transcript with photos

Last Human Rights Frontier: Sexual Orientation
Why it's a hot topic globally. (5-7-03)

At UN, queer human rights genie is out
And no amount of Vatican, Islamic pressure can put it back in. (5-2-03)

AIDS and Human Rights in Cuba: A Personal Memoir
Attending an AIDS conference in Havana as 70 Cuban dissidents are tried and three men executed. (5-2-03)

Cuba Fights AIDS Its Own Way
Official AIDS policy versus routine practices. (5-1-03)

Vatican, Muslim states slam queer human rights
Arm-twisting, procedural shenanigans at UN in Geneva. (4-25-03)

How they'll vote in Geneva
Will the queer human rights resolution live or die at the UN? (4-25-03)

Brazil asks UN to protect queers everywhere
Sexual orientation no excuse to violate human rights.
Action Alert: Through April 25
Text of Brazil's resolution

Cuba: Last Gasp?
Or same old song and dance? (4-18-03)

Tugs of War
With sneers and threats, Bush bolsters the antiwar effort. (3-14-03)

Puerto Rico's Sodomy Law Just "Tip of the Iceberg"
And Reverend Margarita Sánchez de León vows to smash it. (3-14-03)

Law 103: A Colonial Imposition
A gift in 1902 from California to Puerto Rico, the U.S.'s new Caribbean possession. (3-14-03)

Out For Visibility
Mexico's dyke march first in Latin America. (2-22-03)

Record Antiwar Demos Worldwide
This weekend, between 8 and 12 million people worldwide participated in demonstrations against the planned U.S. war in Iraq. (2-16-03)

Taking to the Streets For Peace in NYC
Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets in an antiwar protest, Saturday, February 15, 2003. The Gully caught it on video. (2-16-03)

Navy Bids Vieques Adiós
The U.S. Navy announces it will end battle training on Vieques in May, but the job for activists on the Puerto Rican island isn't over yet. (2-13-03)

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Venezuela's unrealized revolution
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Touched by oil and hope in Belize
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Bolivia's Morales finds common ground with US
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