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President Lieberman
Joe Lieberman, Connecticut Senator and former Democratic vice-presidential candidate, is back with a vengeance, bolstering blacklists, and touting tribunals. (12-21-01)

Kabul Not Holding Its Breath
When Hamid Karzai takes power in Kabul on December 22, he will have to contend with dedicated spoiler and hard-line Islamist Burhannudin Rabbani. (12-5-01)

Censoring Thanksgiving 2001
Looking at this post-attack U.S. holiday and everything that's not on the table this year. (11-27-01)

Two Strikes Against Terror
Baltasar Garzón makes progress against Al Qaeda terrorists in Spain — without trampling on civil liberties. (11-24-01)

Egypt's 'Moderate' Facade Crumbles
The anti-gay verdict in Cairo is par for the course among book burnings, political imprisonments, and cheap, opportunistic anti-Americanism. A profile of a U.S. ally. (11-15-01)

Anthrax, Anti-Semitism and Anguish In Argentina
How Argentinian reactions to the global "war on terrorism" are shaped by distance, discretion, and an intractable national crisis. (11-9-01)

Civic Life and Death In The Gay Apple
After September 11, televangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were the only proof that queers had ever existed in America. How we turned the gay eraser on ourselves. (10-31-01)

Why Queers Were Silent
Three New York activists weigh in on the silence and invisibility of the lgbt community in the weeks immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Plus imagining the future. (10-31-01)

Gay Muslims in the Post-Attack World
The Gully speaks with Pakistani-American, Faisal Alam, who talks about being gay and Muslim as hate crimes surge in the U.S., and queers abroad bear the brunt of Bush's uncritical choice of allies. (10-27-01)

An Infidel Goes to the Met
A New Yorker looks at Islamic art for cultural clues to the September 11 suicide hijackers. (10-18-01)

Throwing Gays to the Fundamentalist Wolves
As Egyptian President Mubarak pledges support for U.S. bombings in Afghanistan, gay men in Egypt are tried as terrorists. Why? (10-12-01)

Bombs Over Afghanistan: The Sequel
The real danger to Afghani civilians isn't the current U.S. bombing — it's history repeating itself. Imagining post-Taliban Afghanistan. (10-9-01)

WTC Photos
A photo series of the Twin Towers fires and collapse, September 11, 2001. "When the second plane hit, I went up on the roof and just stared at Lower Manhattan, trying to understand." (9-28-01)

The Un-American Missile Shield Boondoggle
Just a few days after devastating, low-tech attacks in New York and Washington, the Bush administration's John Bolton was in Moscow stumping for the missile defense shield. (9-27-01)

This So-Called War
NEW YORK CITY. As fires still smolder in the rubble of the World Trade Center, we contemplate war. (9-19-01)

Watching the Twin Towers Fall
When the first tower collapsed, everything fell from such a height it seemed to come down slowly, almost gracefully, but there were thousands and thousands of people under the debris. (9-12-01)

New York Faces Terror
"Thousands of people were running north this morning on Centre Street, fleeing a gigantic ball of black ash and fire released by the first collapsing World Trade Center Tower. I was one of them." (9-11-01)

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