Kelly Sans Culotte

Last Word on The Gully
Democracy in danger. 4.3.06

Minstrel Shows
Shutting down one, applauding another in New York.
NYC's Mugabe Boosters
Zimbabwe Under Mugabe

Manifesto of the 12
Against Islamist totalitarianism. 4.3.06

Thus Spake The Profit
Cartoon by Scardie Anon. 4.3.06

A Mountain Out of a Molehill
Muslims protest cartoons, ignore Guantánamo. 2.9.06

George W. Pinochet?
Guantánamo — the gulag of our times. (6-1-05)

Torture and America
So this is us. (5-13-04)

Gay Marriage, The New WMD?
Bush demands Constitution be changed to ban gay marriage. Plus transcript. (2-24-04)

Ground Zero Ban on Vets?
New York vendors fight for their rights — and yours.

Bush in Translation
What Bush really meant in his September 23 speech at the United Nations. (9-25-03)
Annan: "History is a harsh judge"
Chirac: "Multilateralism... is a guarantee of legitimacy and democracy"
Bush: "The clearest of divides"

UN: Latin America in Unison
They're critical of the United States... without naming it.

9/11 and the Danger Within
How Bush's "security" is corrupting America. (9-11-03)

America, My Love
Uncle Sam and a gay immigrant from the land of the Islamic bomb. (5-20-03)

Opposition Isn't Enough
Why antiwar activists need to hold their noses and consider "national security." (11-6-02)

Remembering September 11th as a Queer Muslim
Since 9/11, the world has changed. The "war on terrorism" has turned our communities into a battleground. And the Islamic principles of peace, social justice, and tolerance seem distant. (9-12-02)

Slouching Towards Iraq
Despite the enthusiastic dissidents in Berlin, the fate of Afghanistan bodes ill for a U.S.-invaded Iraq. (8-23-02)

War Crimes
The U.S. gets exemption from international criminal court, and starts new domestic spying program. (7-15-02)

Padilla and the Constitution Busters
Former Chicago gang member José Padilla is the Bush administration's new pawn. (6-13-02)

Tightening Screws
U.S. Sen. Feinstein spearheads effort to ban visitors from countries formally declared "sponsors of terrorism." (4-20-02)

A Little Irish Irony
Mychal Judge, the gay NY Fire Dept. chaplain killed on 9/11, was the Grand Marshal of this year's St. Paddy's Day parade in Chicago. Is it a sign of change? (3-28-02)

Breaking-Ground for Gays in Catholic Church
An interview with Brendan Fay about the legacy of his friend, Mychal Judge, as a Catholic Church in denial blames gays for the latest scandals. (3-28-02)

Ashcroft Dumps Due Process
Why U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft needs Zacarias Moussaoui dead. (3-28-02)

The Banality of Nuclear Evil
There's a tectonic U.S. policy shift in the works that could end life on earth. Is it a done deal? (3-13-02)

The Only Lesbian In Iran
Growing up in Iran, Niloufar thought she was the only Iranian lesbian in existence. How the aftermath of 9-ll has affected her as a queer, Middle Eastern immigrant. (1-23-02)

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