Kelly Sans Culotte

Minstrel Shows
Shutting down one, applauding another in New York.
NYC's Mugabe Boosters
Zimbabwe Under Mugabe

Notes on 'Susan'
Would Susan Sontag have been as famous if she'd come out as a lesbian? Doubtful. (2-19-05)

Ground Zero Ban on Vets?
New York vendors fight for their rights — and yours.

The Legacy of Al Baltrop, 1948 — 2004
Chronicler of New York City gay life since the 1970's.

U.S. Dominicans and AIDS
On Miss Universe, sycophantic politicians, and the conversation that never happened. (7-10-03)

Skeleton in Newark's Closet
Laquetta Nelson is forcing homophobia out into the open. (6-19-03)

Video: New York Queers Say No To War
As the US bombed Baghdad on Saturday, March 22,
lgbt New Yorkers came out en masse — against the war.

Millions Marched, Now What?
Antiwar demonstrators worldwide are planning their next steps. Special challenges for New York.

Photos: NYC protest February 15, 2003
From queer unions to former workers at the World Trade Center. (2-22-03)

Taking to the Streets For Peace in NYC
Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets in an antiwar protest, Saturday, February 15, 2003. The Gully caught it on video. (2-16-03)

Globalization Hits the Catskills
The World Summit's issues should be ringing bells in a region where the drought is also a metaphor for the economy. (9-5-02)

Dyke March: The Next Wave
Nadine Gartner was a 14-year-old when, in April 1993, some 20,000 raucous dykes took to the streets in Washington, D.C. for the first Dyke March in history. Now look where she is. (7-19-02)

Photos: Dyke March 2002, NYC
Diana De La Pava captured the diverse spectrum of dykes celebrating the 10th annual Dyke March in New York City on June 21. (7-19-02)

Gay Marriage: 'I didn't know girls fought'
An interview with two lesbians fighting the state of New Jersey for the right to marry. (7-19-02)

In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Park
The Gully speaks with NY transgender activist and Korean adoptee, Pauline Park, about racism, transgender issues, and what's on the drawing board for the transgender movement. (7-2-02)

Global Warming: Bush Fiddles While New York Burns
Quibble long enough over plans to rebuild the World Trade Center area, and they will become a moot point. (6-6-02)

Priests' Forgotten Victims
About 100 gay activists gathered in the rain outside St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York to protest the Catholic Church's attempt to define predatory priests as a gay problem. (5-1-02)

A Little Irish Irony
Mychal Judge, the gay NY Fire Dept. chaplain killed on 9/11, was the Grand Marshal of this year's St. Paddy's Day parade in Chicago. Is it a sign of change? (3-28-02)

Breaking-Ground for Gays in Catholic Church
An interview with Brendan Fay about the legacy of his friend, Mychal Judge, as a Catholic Church in denial blames gays for the latest scandals. (3-28-02)

Uzi Parnes: Going All Out
New York-based experimental filmmaker and performer, Uzi Parnes, talks about his life and work, including his immigration from Tel Aviv to Levittown, Long Island at the age of nine. (3-20-02)

The Banality of Nuclear Evil
Why most New Yorkers are not scrambling out on their roofs to look at the twin shafts of light now being projected on to the Lower Manhattan night sky. (3-13-02)

Our New York Hero
Sylvia Rivera, who as a 17-year-old Puerto Rican drag queen from the Bronx helped lead the 1969 Stonewall Riots that triggered the modern gay liberation movement, died in New York. (2-20-02)

AIDS Activists First in WEC Brig
Act Up's demands: that corporations provide AIDS drugs for their HIV+ workers in poor countries, and that the Bush Administration shell out to the Global AIDS Fund. (2-2-02)

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Future of NYC's ports: guns, drugs and terrorism?
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