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dorismond Patrick Dorismond

diallo Amadou Diallo


NYPD Issues

A look at brutality and corruption in the New York City Police Department, and how to bring it under control.

Cincinnati, USA: The Lunacy of Race
About the failure of peace and reason following the violent death of Timothy Thomas, and the unsavory trend in civil rights activism. New York's own Al Sharpton featured. (4-18-01)

The Vultures and the Dead
On the second anniversary of Amadou Diallo's brutal killing, ambitious New York politicoes turn the miseries of police brutality into political hay. (2-19-01)

Confessions of a Cop-Hater
One dyke's examination of her cop-hating reflex, as well as the nature of policing itself. (7-7-00)

NYPD Cops: Drilling Deep After All These Years
Since the force was organized in 1844, corruption and brutality scandals have erupted every twenty years or so, triggering expensive investigations, thick reports, and little action. Will Dorismond's death break the camel's back? (3-28-00)

How to Clean Up the NYPD
A 6-point plan to curb the police brutality and excessive force in New York City, including strengthening of the Civilian Complaint Review Board. (3-28-00)

NYPD: The Picture Is Bleak
Norm Siegel of the NYCLU believes little systemic change will occur in the NYPD unless the federal government steps in. Find out why. (3-28-00)

Cops' Murderous Fear
Four white New York City cops shot and killed the unarmed African immigrant Amadou Diallo. On February 25 a jury found them all not guilty. Of anything. Why? (2-27-00)

In Depth

Color and Cash
race and classThe Gully's complete coverage of race and class, two intertwined pillars of American society.

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