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U.S. Election 2000
and Transition

Monsieur Bush and the Guillotine
The day after French citizens danced at the Bastille celebrating the anniversary of the bloody end to the divine right of kings, The New York Times edged within a yard of acknowledging that George W. Bush was not elected President, but anointed. Will the truth last? (7-16-01)

Act For Democracy
How to reclaim democracy. Includes activist resources. (1-13-01)

Hell to the Thief and Other Inaugural Tourism
As George W. gets sworn in, demonstrators chanting Hell to the Thief, and Down with Ashcroft, will be rubbing shoulders with anti-globalization anarchists, gang Green, and pro-Bush suck-ups. (1-13-01)

Sold Down the River—Again
When it comes to power, it's not Republicans against Democrats, Bushes against Gores. It's the People against the career politicians. What we can do. (1-8-01)

The Bittersweet Pageantry of Race
Even when blacks are featured players, like Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, the Washington show is always written, produced, cast and directed by someone else. (1-8-01)

Grilling Mr. Ashcroft
Ashcroft's confirmation will be the first skirmish in a war for America's judiciary. Democrats may wait for bigger fish to fry. (12-27-00)

Beware Minorities, Women, Queers: Ashcroft Is Coming!
The ultra-conservative Ashcroft's likely effects on civil rights, abortion, the environment, and the separation of church and state. (12-27-00)

The Deafening Silence of a Nation
Bush was appointed President, not elected, but the country is silent. Why? The media's rally 'round the flag propaganda? American attachment to stability? And what are the consequences? (12-27-00)

Bush Cabinet of Color Takes Bow
African Americans Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, and Hispanic Alberto R. Gonzales, are now in Bush's fold. Will they build bridges to communities of color and other minorities, or just try to outconservative the conservatives? (12-18-00)

When Votes Don't Count: Dadalandia, Puerto Rico
The power of the vote, and Puerto Rico's surrealistic political landscape of colonial power and back door influence. (12-11-00)

The Guy Who Gored Al: The irresistible ascension of John E. Sweeney
Working-class New York Republican trumps Gore in Miami-Dade for fun and profit. How high will he rise? (12-1-00)

Bush and the 900-Pound Gorilla
The real threat behind the Republican apparatchiks that sent the Miami-Dade County canvassing board into a tailspin, and George W. Bush to the White House. (11-27-00)

Bush Presidential Dry Run, Day 13
George W. Bush under pressure: snap, sniffle, pop. A presidential preview. (11-20-00)

Florida Supremes: Stop! In the Name of Jeb
With the Florida Supreme Court Justices taking the stage, and Jeb breathing down their necks, an epic Diana Ross-esque battle looms in the Deadlock State. (11-16-00)

Kingmaker: Will Heiress Harris Pick the Next U.S. President?
Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State, is also co-Chair of Republican George Bush's Florida campaign. Her increasingly tough stance may cost Al Gore the White House. (11-15-00)

Florida Absentees: Birds in the Bush?
Absentee brass, soldiers, and Jews may hold the Florida holy grail. Will voter fraud rear its nasty head again in the Sunshine State and steal it away? (11-13-00)

Voter Fraud: Miami Pulp Story
How even the dead cast absentee votes in Miami's 1997 mayoral election. A vote fraud classic. (11-13-00)

Curse of the Electoral College
The Florida Electoral College brouhaha has been 200 years in the making. Could Senator Strom Thurmond, 98, wind up the next U.S. President? (11-10-00)

Thank God It's Over!
There is no American politics, just religion. A politician can't just do a good job, they have to BE good. And the only way to convert the masses is to pander like hell. (11-7-00)

If Bush Wins, Who Will Be President?
Forecasting the first multi-cephallic U.S. President. How many heads will the hydra have? An analysis of probable presidential advisors for the man who hates to read and is bored by policy details. (11-6-00)

Bush vs. Gore: What's At Stake For You
How the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election on November 7 may affect the daily life of Americans, and of millions all over the world. (11-6-00)

Greening the Democrats
Win or lose, Democrats should focus more on the environment and globalization. Not just for votes in '04, but because the issues are too important to leave marooned on the Green's moral high ground. (11-6-00)

Why Republicans Need to Lose
If they win and Bush indulges the right-wing, or if the economy falters, the Republicans go down in flames for a generation. If they lose, maybe they can find a realistic center. (10-30-00)

The Same Infernal Candidates
What we need is a real alternative candidate that's honest in his mediocrity, his pathetic war record, indifferent patriotism, evil plans for the poor and the elderly, and outright greed for soft or hard money. (10-23-00)

Defining Class in America
Gore denounces tax breaks for the top 1%. Bush touts his blueprint for the middle-class. Nader harps on globalization and workers. All neat one-liners. Here's the real story. (10-16-00)

Rich and Humble George
"If I voted on looks alone, George would be my man, that gracious combination of Ivy League and down home. I also like that he's rich, but seemingly humble. God, I'd like to be rich and humble, like him." (10-16-00)

An Elephant in Their Midst
A pachyderm no one wants to see lumbers through the Cheney-Lieberman debate—it's the specter of lesbian daughter extraordinaire, Mary Cheney. (10-9-00)

VP Debate Excerpt: Gay Rights, Gay Wrongs
The complete transcript of the exchange on same-sex marriage between vice-presidential candidates Joe Lieberman (Democrat) and Dick Cheney (Republican) on October 5, 2000. (10-9-00)

Ralph Nader's Vanishing Act
Race, women's rights, and queer civil rights have been rendered invisible by Nader's campaign. Is this the third party we need? (10-2-00)

Oil Crisis 2000: Don't Blame Venezuela
A look at the oil storm brewing for this winter, and how it could decide who sits in the White House in January. (9-13-00)

Venezuela and the Oil Crisis: The Colonial Script
Will election year Washington cast Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's independent-minded President, as oil crisis villain? A peek at Iran, Cuba disasters gives us a preview of the consequences. (9-13-00)

I Want to Be a CIA Oil Puppet
Chuck 45 examines Big Oil's influence on the presidential elections, effects of ending the Cuban embargo, the lesbian Mary Cheney's defense of homophobic Coors, and a whole lot more. (8-21-00)

Will Gore Uphold the Constitution?
Al Gore as a presidential candidate in light of his support for Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas' violent, secessionist threats. (4-4-00)

Al Gore Eats Elian Gonzalez
The delicious taste of foreign policy when the Florida Cuban-American vote is at stake. (2-29-00)

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