Kelly Sans Culotte

Manifesto of the 12
Against Islamist totalitarianism. 4.3.06

Minstrel Shows
Shutting down one, applauding another in New York.
NYC's Mugabe Boosters
Zimbabwe Under Mugabe

Gay in Ghana
From gay-bashings to AIDS. (6-24-04)

Study: MSM and HIV in Ghana
Researcher concludes you can't fight AIDS while ignoring gay and bisexual men. Complete study. (6-24-04)

Brazil's AIDS Model: A Global Blueprint?
Not as easy as it looks. (9-4-03)

Gay Rights Dawn in Ghana
Faced with prison or blackmail, queers begin to organize. (8-27-03)

Gay Bishop Roils Anglican Unity
Can a global schism be avoided? (8-14-03)

Nation-Razing in Liberia
Will Bush bite peace-keeping bullet? (7-3-03)

Creating Community in Exile
One Face of Gay Africa: Part 2. Cheikh Traoré talks about his life in London and his struggle to "invent this notion of being gay and African." (12-12-02)

Long Road Home
One Face of Gay Africa: Part 1. Cheikh Traoré is a 35 year-old AIDS educator working with African communities in London. He talks about his work, and what it was like growing up gay in West Africa. (12-4-02)

Nigerian Heros
Fed up with abject poverty in the midst of oil riches, Nigerian women stormed ChevronTexaco oil producing installations. (7-19-02)

The République's Tango
Arab and black French citizens make up about 10 percent of the country, but are represented in parliament by only one black member from mainland France. Post-Le Pen elections look no different. (6-10-02)

Justice for Gays in Egypt: Try, Try Again
Egyptian president Mubarak orders a new look at the cases of the 52 presumed gay men prosecuted in the "Queen Boat Trial." Why? (5-26-02)

Priests' Forgotten Victims
If the Catholic Church succeeds in defining predatory priests as a gay problem, it is partly because the public has forgotten last year's scandal: the abuse of African nuns. (5-1-02)

April's Fools
Denzel Washington descends into Zimbabwe's hornet's nest of post-election violence, and homophobic scandal bearing 2,500 solid chocolate Easter eggs. (4-5-02)

Butcher Boys and Zimbabwe
Paving the way for Mugabe's reelection, violence has becomes the de facto means of political expression in Zimbabwe. A graphic look at the consequences. (3-20-02)

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Ugandan president's third-term zeal
Christian Science Monitor (US)

The Niger Delta: panacea to perennial crises
Vanguard (Nigeria)

The Nigerian Delta's troubled waters



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