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by DuWayne Charles

OCTOBER 23, 2002. As the U.S. Congress moves rapidly toward approving a resolution giving Bush carte blanche in his war against Iraq, including precedent-setting use of preemptive force, support among Democrats is less unanimous than it appears.

Representative Jim McDermott, Democrat of Washington and 18 fellow House members proclaimed their opposition in a press conference last week. Reasons included doubt about Iraq's true destructive capabilities, the likely adverse economic impact in the U.S., their memories of Vietnam, and, most importantly, pressure from their constituents.

"The people in my district are saying, 'Where are the Democrats, where is the opposition?'" said Representative Lynn Woolsey, a California Democrat who said mail and calls from district residents were running 200 to 1 against a war with Iraq.

Pro, con, or Huh?, tell your Congresspeople what you think.

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