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The Rat Race: Elections 2004

U.S. presidential and congressional elections. Long shots, sure things, and all the obstacles in the maze. From The Gully.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Angry activists: Kerry Cho-ked on gay marriage
The controversial, foul-mouthed Cho was dropped from the bill because word got out that she was planning to slam Kerry and the Democratic Party on the gay marriage issue.
Boston Herald (US)

Kerry's daughter favors same-sex marriage
John Kerry favors civil unions, not marriage, for same-sex couples.
Planet Out via Yahoo! News (US)

Rising star brings Democrats to their feet
Barack Obama spoke about what America meant to him, the son of a Kenyan immigrant and a woman from Kansas. (US)

Triumphant in Loss
Outside the convention, Howard Dean is still a star.
International Herald Tribune

Navigating Two Wars and a Minefield
Iraq and Vietnam loom large.
The New York Times (reg. req'd)

Gays Organize for GOP Convention
Activists, citing need for gay-specific protests, organize "Gays Against Bush."
Gay City New (US)

The Democrats' convention
A man of strength and strong values. Oh, and wisdom too. But the burden remains on Mr Kerry to define himself.
The Economist (UK)

Thursday, July 01, 2004
Dems excited by prospects for VP
Kerry's choice could affect how the ticket plays with independents and moderates.

Both Campaigns Train the Spotlight on Cheney
Republican strategists are suddenly pushing the consummate inside guy into a more prominent role in the closely fought presidential campaign.
LA Times via Yahoo! News (US)

The politics of Michael Moore
The success of his new film is bad news for George Bush. But is it good news for the Democrats?
The Economist (UK)

When Voters Seek an Accounting
Whether in Canada or US, voters don't like government abuse of the public trust.
Christian Science Monitor (US)

The Greens Gather, Sharply Split Over Nader's Run
"We have a major problem, and that is George W. Bush. He's a huge problem. Bush needs to be out."
New York Times (reg. req'd)

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