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The Rat Race: Elections 2004

U.S. presidential and congressional elections. Long shots, sure things, and all the obstacles in the maze. From The Gully.

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Friday, May 14, 2004
Biggest Divide? Maybe It's Health Care
Nowhere are the policy differences between John Kerry and President Bush more apparent, health analysts say, than on what to do about health care.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Pragmatism drives N.H. Naderites to Kerry
Al Gore lost here in 2000 by 7,200 votes, and many Democrats blamed Nader, who drew 22,000 votes. It is this psychology of defeat, a fear of throwing the election to Bush, that will steer Naderites, as well as many undecided voters, to Kerry's side, campaign officials say.
Boston Globe(US)

Tech Execs Lean Right
Weiss attributed the slight Republican edge in technology contributions to the fact that more party members are currently in office. Technology contributors tend to heavily favor incumbents as recipients of their largesse, he said.
Wired News (US)

Why Kerry can't seem to get a bounce
Kerry backers wondered how the Massachusetts senator could actually lose ground against Bush in such a disastrous week for the president, as his administration grapples with the Iraqi prison abuse scandal.
Christian Science Monitor (US)

Monday, May 03, 2004
Lessons of Vietnam and the 2004 election
The fact that Kerry served in Vietnam is fine; the fact that George W. Bush did not serve does not make the difference between who should win the next election.
Boston Globe (US)

Dueling Immigration Ideas Frame a Key Election Issue
Congressional Democrats, playing catch-up with President Bush's guest-worker proposal, plan to introduce an immigration reform bill Tuesday that would put millions of illegal immigrants on the path to citizenship but restrict the entry of future workers.
LA Times via Yahoo! News (US)

Some Blacks and Hispanics Criticize Kerry on Outreach
They complain that Mr. Kerry's organization lacks diversity and is failing to appeal directly to minority voters.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

In search of a message
Not enough to not be Bush.
Economist (UK)

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