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The Rat Race: Elections 2004

U.S. presidential and congressional elections. Long shots, sure things, and all the obstacles in the maze. From The Gully.

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Election 2000
Burning Issues: Post-9/11
Monday, March 29, 2004
Mr Bush is basing his re-election campaign on his stewardship of the war on terror.
The Economist (UK)

A Trusted Bush Aide to Return, but Not to Washington
Karen P. Hughes is stepping up her engagement with the president's re-election, but her return has stirred some unease within the campaign.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Clipping the Presidential Price Tag
Yes, the Oval Office is for sale again, and Charles Lewis is back to tell the world who the buyers are.
Mother Jones (US)

Terror backlash hits Bush's votes
The damning testimony of former terrorism adviser Richard Clarke has left the President's team in disarray as their approval ratings begin to fall
The Observer (UK)

Bill, Jimmy . . . Meet Q-Tip
Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Q-Tip drew more than 3,000 people paying at least $50 a head on Thursday night at Dream, a huge nightclub in northeast Washington. It was a young, racially mixed crowd, many at their first political fund-raiser.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Generally, tax experts like Kerry's plans
More help, tax credits could prompt hiring
Detroit Free Press (US)

Nader says he's fighting for democracy

Despite the pleas of friends and allies who believe he could end up playing the same pivotal role he did in 2000 and help tip a close election to President Bush.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Bush electoral strategy victim of new revelations
Charges by a former White House official that President George W. Bush ignored the threat posed by al-Qaeda have dealt a blow to the president's re-election strategy, which trumpets him as tough on security.
AFP (France)

Dems: United against Bush but divided over granting full marriage rights
Political parties skittish about hot-button issue
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

Both Sides Polish Badges to Appear the Best Suited to Fight Corporate Crime
In raising the issue in nearly every campaign appearance he makes, Mr. Bush is addressing a political challenge that extends well beyond the fallout from the allegations of fraud and other wrongdoing in the executive suites that came to light on his watch.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Scare Tactics
Americans are just beginning to develop an image of Kerry, so slapping a few derogatory keywords on him (and then reinforcing those over and over and over again) could be a good strategy for Bush. But going so negative, so early, isn't a surefire win for the Bush campaign. In fact, given there are months until the election, there's plenty of time for Americans to get tired of the dirty politics.
Mother Jones (US)

Bush is finally pushing constitutional ban; GOP only lukewarm
Political parties skittish about hot-button issue
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

The key to the state's voters is the economy
Exit polls conducted during Ohio's primary election show the economy is the paramount issue. Forty-one percent say their family finances have worsened since Bush was elected four years ago.
Cleveland Plain Dealer (US)

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