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The Rat Race: Elections 2004

U.S. presidential and congressional elections. Long shots, sure things, and all the obstacles in the maze. From The Gully.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Democrats United in Asking That Nader Not Enter Race
Some of Ralph Nader's best friends are desperately trying to persuade him not to run for president this year. The left-leaning Nation magazine has pleaded in an open letter, "Don't Run."
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Vietnam Is a Double-Edged Issue
Democrats laud Kerry's service; Republicans denounce activism.
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Edwards Undaunted By Tough Task Ahead
John Edwards's presidential campaign is in its engine-that-could phase. He thinks he can, and so do his crowds. They cheered him Friday from Georgia to the Maryland suburbs and finally here in Upstate New York, with the candidate at each stop cheerfully pronouncing himself unimpressed by the steep task in front of him.
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Swing State
the similarities between Wisconsin's role this week and in 1960 go deeper than most observers seemed to notice.
The New Republic (US)

The Doctor is Out
Dean's problem, it seems, was that although he got the medium right, his message never quite clicked.
Mother Jones (US)

Kerry rumor tests media's standards
Some conservatives are angry, but many media watchdogs are praising the way most American news outlets handled 2004's first titillating allegation about a presidential candidate's personal life.

Monday, February 02, 2004
On Campaign Trail, Edwards Combines Personal and Political
John Edwards's candidacy has become one of broad brush strokes and biography, drawing attention more for his distinctive style than for substance.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Kerry to confirm his ascendancy
US Senator John Kerry appeared set to put his seal on the Democratic presidential nomination today, with polls showing him well ahead of his rivals.
The Age (Australia)

Democratic gays dance to different tunes
US elections: Matthew Wells reports from Phoenix, Arizona, on how Democratic candidates are wooing the pink vote.
The Guardian (UK)

Who the Man?
The Democrats' macho mania
Village Voice (US)

John Kerry's presidential chances
How would the White House attack John Forbes Kerry?
The Economist (UK)

The Dead Center
Are the Democrats a party in search of a movement?
New York Times (registr. req'd)

'They dated Dean, but married Kerry'
New Hampshire voters have chosen John Kerry
The Guardian (UK)

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