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The Rat Race: Elections 2004

U.S. presidential and congressional elections. Long shots, sure things, and all the obstacles in the maze. From The Gully.

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Monday, January 05, 2004
Rivals in Debate Take Aim at Dean
The Democratic presidential candidates pummeled Howard Dean in a raucous series of exchanges on taxes and trade.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Derrick Z. Jackson: Dean's Blunt Talk About Race
"I'm trying to gently call out the white population."
Boston Globe (US)

Jeb Bush seeks '04 win for brother
With 27 electoral votes, Florida is expected to be the pivotal state - again - in deciding who gets the White House next January.
Tallahassee Democrat

Bill Kill
How to get the public interested in campaign finance reform? Think Pam Grier.
Village Voice (US)

God Tells Pat Robertson Bush Will Win in a 'Blowout'
"The Lord has just blessed him."
Village Voice (US)

The Deaniacs are locked in
What Howard Dean has to do now, says Michael Tomasky, is reassure everyone else.
American Prospect (US)

New York Times/CBS News Poll
The most recent poll found unease on same-sex relations, which has implications for the 2004 election.
New York Times (registr. req'd)

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